Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Broken Worm, Broken Heart

Now that spring has sprung up north, we've been taking Aiden outside to play the past few days. Yesterday I was raking the front yard and Aiden was playing in the dirt. He was so excited to find some earthworms and they became his playmates for a good 15 minutes.... until their fateful demise. From across the yard, he came running with the saddest look on his face.
A: "Mommy! I broke it!"
Me: "You broke what, sweetheart?"
A: "The worm! I broke the worm! FIX IT!!!"
Me: "I can't fix it."
A: "Yes you can! Oh, Mommy... please fix it. I'm so sad".
Me: "I can't fix it, darlin. It's an animal. Let's put him back under the rock with his mommy."
While sending the poor worm "back to his mommy", A finds another worm and wants to play with it. He promises not to "break" it so I let him. Of course, he accidentally breaks the second worm and I make him go in the house for supper. Poor kid. Poor worms.